For more than 20 years Aktimed Plus has been a reliable supplier and partner in the supply of medical equipment and supplies. The main goal of our company is the delivery of high quality products for the minimum price. At our website you can find the main product lines.

SpO2 sensors, NIBP cuffs, temperature probes, ECG cables, etc.

Anesthesiology and ICU web-site is the biggest and most universal resource for purchase of all accessories and spare parts for patient monitors, cardiographs, ventilators, ultrasound machenes and narcosis machines. We are experts in spo2 probes, NIBP cuffs, ECG cables, temperature probes and oxygen sensors. Aktimed Plus has been working in medical market of Russia for more than 20 years. It helped us to be leaders in sales of medical supplies and spare parts for medical equipment.

High pressure syringes and connection lines for contrast media injectors.

CT, MRI and Angiography

Aktimed Plus is a leading supplier of high pressure syringes and connecting lines for use with the following contrast media injectors: BAYER (MEDRAD); NEMOTO (COER Ink); Medtronic, Covidien, Tyco (MALLINCKRODT Liebel-Flarsheim); MEDTRON AG; Ulrich Medical. Also Aktimed Plus is official representative of Wuxi Yushou Medical Co. Ltd, China from 2009. It produces high pressure syringes and connecting lines for all existing contrast media injectors in Russian Federation.

Biopsy needles

Oncology, mammology, hematology

Aktimed plus LLC is an official distributor of diagnostic biopsy needles manufacturer MDL srl, Italy on the territory of Russia. MDL factory was established in 1993 at picturesque foothills of Italian Alps. To compare with other manufacturers which are represented on the Russian market, MDL srl makes a full industrial circle from thread and filling of stainless steel wires to individual packaging ready to be sterilized. The devices made by MDL srl are innovated every year due to doctors’ opinion.

Breathing circuits and accessories

Anesthesiology and ICU

At www.медконтур.рф web-site you may find different breathing circuits and medical supplies for breathing therapy. We are professionals in breathing circuits with heating and humidifier chambers, like Fisher & Paykel, Intersurgical, Draeger, etc. Also we have a wide range of reusable breathing circuits and acccessories. Interesting offers for anaesthesia circuits. AMBU bags, narcosis masks and many more.


Electrosurgical Instruments (ESI)

Welcome to our resource www.хирургия.com from Aktimed Plus, where a large number of various electrosurgical instruments (ESI) and accessories are available, used for open interventions, laparoscopic operations and endoscopy. A wide range of consumables supplied directly from the world's leading manufacturers allows us to meet any needs of our customers.

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